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Multi-usage, long scan.

Proceq Ground Penetrating Radars


Portable concrete GPR radar. Faster, easier concrete inspections and structural imaging with SFCW ground penetrating radar technology

  •  Unparalleled radar penetration depth and resolution in a single GPR probe

  •  The powerful, user-friendly user interface for faster, easier concrete assessment

  •  Great handling and ergonomics in all applications


Location of subsurface defects of concrete / Measurement of thickness of concrete elements /

Easy to Use



GPR Clarity & depth meet wireless multi-usage

Resolution & depth

Superior GPR depth and clarity of data thanks to the unique Swiss Made radar technology with all the radar frequencies you’ll ever need. Immediate insights with 3D and Augmented Reality.

Powerful UI

Inspect concrete with ease, from the tightest spots to the tallest walls and the longest streets. Superior form factor to tackle any challenge with comfort, without cables.

Great handling

A mobile app that lets you annotate measurements with voice, photos and comments. Generate reports and share them instantly. Access your data from anywhere, anytime.

Software / Workspace App

Tech Specs

Measurement modes

Superline Scan (1000m / 3281 ft)
Area Scan (with Flexible Grid up to 100m2 / 1076 ft2)


Sensor / Instrument

Tech Specs

Radar technology

Stepped-frequency continuous-wave (SFCW) GPR

Review modes

Superline scan¹
A-scan (incl. envelope)
Migrated view
Non-migrated view
Split view¹
Time-Slice view² Basic
3D view

Modulated frequency range